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NMS {dev} is a highly professional and reliable IT partner.
We are helping:

Startups to develop the business ideas and put them into IT solutions

Business to extend tech opportunities and accelerate tech progress

International IT teams to boost existing project teams and have expert consultancy in high-end IT solutions
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NMS Dev tech expertise scope covers React JS, Next JS, Node JS for web projects as well as React Native for cross-platform mobile solutions. We also provide the development of native apps for Android & iOS.
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How to drive your future Product to success with NMS SaaS Development Company?
Ideation and evaluation of your business needs
Share your idea or tell us your needs, desired functionality, business model or strategy - NMS Team will evaluate it and provide you “the best match” tech picture using the latest technologies and that is flexible enough for you to easily adapt down the road map.
< #Keep calm and carry on >
Optimal cost and resources estimation via requirements analysis
Once we are on the same page regarding the software it is important to make proper Time and Material Estimates which assures you cost and time optimization. We are a team based on Eastern Europe that makes us very loyal and efficient in the pricing policy keeping the highest standards of deliverables quality.
Creation of an Effective Action Plan
A management plan is what is essential at the beginning of your project which goes through several well-established stages: initiation, planning, execution and delivery. For each and every project we assign a dedicated team which goes with you to your goals keeping timelines and operating budget regardless you are a startup or an enterprise.
Why NMS Dev?>
Talatted Team based in the Eastern Europe
Solution orriented
Matching your business needs
Skillfull developers working with a wide range of thechnologies
More works
If you take care about your friends and want to make a gift search process easier
for them, share your desires with Listery. This MVP app allows you to search for
desired items via databases of the biggest web-shops and to share your lists. Our
dev team had a pleasure to arrange the app’s back end part.
Who knows, maybe with this Flutter SDK based product your innermost desires will
finally come true!
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■ Flutter
■ Node.js (Express)
■ MongoDB
■ Docker
SaaS Development Services
CharyTime Web
■ React
■ Next JS
■ Node JS (Express)
■ Postgres
■ Docker
A lot of people in the world want to support charity organizations, however, not all of them have money for that. What if to convert CTP into money that could be donated to a selected charity organization? What if to create a digital solution to make good things trendy? CharyTime is a unique app that allows you to "donate your time". NMS Team made a new version of the application with extra features including new web SaaS and Landing Page.
Tech Picture
Professional Web developer services
■ React
■ Node.js
■ MongoDB
■ Docker
Who’s on top of the world? Best film,most appreciated musical album or eminent athlete – with FAVVEL SaaS web service creating and sharing personal lists becomes simple as ever. Based on MERN stack, this app serves a great example of how an idea of individual entrepreneur can transform into a custom software product in a couple of months.
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SaaS Development Services
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